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Honoring Loved Ones

When a parent or other close relative has recently passed away, it may be important to you to find an appropriate way to remember them without ruining the joyous tone of the wedding. After all, a wedding is a celebration, and while a missing parent is certainly sad, it shouldn’t overpower the wedding day.


Lavender Bridal Salon and American Commodore Tuxedo

Bridal Styles We’re Crushing On

Love is in the air…and our favorite bridal boutiques! 2016 has graced us with new bridal gown styles that we’ve fallen head over heels for. Gorgeous lace, delicate appliqués and playful necklines have us fawning over the latest trends. Check out our favorites from our January fashion shows and comment your own beloved style below – which one is THE one? READ MORE

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A Seasonal Celebration: Cutting Costs on a Gorgeous Fall Wedding

Rustic color palettes, gorgeous outdoor venues, caramel apple favors and lace long sleeved gowns? It’s no wonder so many brides fall in love with autumn weddings! Along with all the whimsical touches of a blustery big day come the general uncertainties, like pricey bouquet arrangements and climate conditions; but have no fear, brides-to-be, Today’s Bride has harvested the best planning tips for your seasonal nuptials! READ MORE

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Wedding Dress Style Guide

When shopping for your wedding dress, one of the first things you should do is consider any style preferences you might have. When selecting your gown style, you’ll want to weigh all the options for the silhouette, sleeves, neckline, bodice and train. In order to help you with your decision, we’ve come up with the following guide – which breaks down the basic terminology of popular wedding gown styles. READ MORE

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Recycling Your Alterations

You recently bought your wedding dress, yet it still needs to be altered. You just spent a lot of money on that gorgeous dress, and, understandably, you don’t want to throw away the pieces they cut off. So now you’re wondering, what exactly can I do with the extra pieces to my dress? We’ve found some interesting ideas to turn that piece of fabric into a wonderful keepsake. READ MORE