How to Complement (Not Clash!) Your Partner’s Wedding Day Ensemble

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One of the most important details of the big day is fashion. Whether you plan to match your significant other or wear completely different ensembles, the goal is always a collectively chic overall look. Check out our tips on how to highlight your wedding day duds so that you both steal the show!

Say “Yes” to the Silhouette

The first part of planning your wedding day style is deciding what type of garment you and your partner will wear. Do you both want to wear dresses or tuxedos? Do you want to wear one of each or opt for more casual threads? Once you’ve decided what style of clothing you’re going to rock, you can begin picking colors and personalizing the details!


Modern Twists on “Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue”


As weddings become more modernized, one tradition that endures the test of time is the bride having something old, new, borrowed and blue… and a sixpence in her shoe on her wedding day. Traditionally, these items were presents from loved ones to bring good luck to the couple that the bride could wear on her wedding day – jewelry from her grandmother that was many generations old, her mother’s wedding dress or the handkerchief her mother carried on her wedding day. Even though carrying on this custom remains a necessity for many brides, couples today are creating new ways to integrate these good luck charms into the wedding day.


A Beautifully Dressed Bridal Party

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Yes, it’s the bride’s big day. Still, around her beaming aura are her bridesmaids. They need to shine, too! Choosing the right dress for the bridesmaids will be the first, and most important, decision in putting together a beautifully dressed bridal party.

First, consider when the wedding will take place. The season affects the length and color of the dresses. For instance, in the spring brides may opt for short dresses and neutral or pastel colors. In the winter, brides may opt for long dresses and dark or rich colors.


What Type of Jewelry Matches Your Wedding Dress?

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More than likely after you pick out your dress, the next step to complete your fabulous wedding look is to pick out your jewelry. This one may get tricky, as there are so many types of wedding dresses and jewelry out there.

First, take into consideration the color of your dress. You want your jewelry to accent your dress, not clash.

For a bright white gown, select silver, platinum or pearl jewelry. Gold may clash with your dress because of the bright white hues.


The Fragrant & Floral Wedding Headdress

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Everything at a wedding speaks of something: the vows of commitment, the reception of shared joy with friends and family, the rings of fidelity, and the crowns of a royal touch. These floral crowns are a 1980s inspired trend that have made their way into many beautiful weddings this year. We simply adore this non-traditional headpiece; it’s the perfect fit for any organic, whimsical or bohemian wedding. So get ready, ladies, these flower crowns are definitely pin-worthy!


You know we’re all about that lace

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(’bout that lace, no trouble) ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Lace has been around since well before our time – before the 13th century to be more specific – and it’s been a staple in the wedding industry for as long as we can remember. (But yes, Princess Kate’s Alexander McQueen dress certainly did help this delicate fabric make its reemergence!)


Recycling Your Alterations

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You recently bought your wedding dress, yet it still needs to be altered. You just spent a lot of money on that gorgeous dress, and, understandably, you don’t want to throw away the pieces they cut off. So now you’re wondering, what exactly can I do with the extra pieces to my dress? We’ve found some interesting ideas to turn that piece of fabric into a wonderful keepsake.


July 2014 Cocktails & Veils Show at Landerhaven


What do you get when you combine one seriously gorgeous venue, hundreds of brides and some of the best wedding vendors Northeast Ohio has to offer. Well, that would be our July bridal show at Landerhaven, of course!

From start to finish, yesterday’s bridal show was an amazing experience! The drinks were flowing, everyone was in high spirits and there was lots of stunning wedding goodness all around. But don’t just take our word for it: View the lovely photos for yourself!


Non-Strapless Gowns Solidify a Place in Brides’ Hearts

Allure Bridals

Move over strapless; there’s a new gown in town.
She’s bold, but conservative. And she’s definitely oh-so-chic.

It may be a blip on the radar or a trend-in-the-making. Whichever the case, bridal shop stylists are hearing more and more brides say, “I’ll have sleeves with that, please.” And whether it’s straps, sleeves or just a simple shrug, bridal designers are finding more and more ways to give these modern modest brides what they want.

Although strapless styles remain “the norm,” it’s safe to say their humble counterparts are creating a ripple effect. A few years ago, many salon owners would tell you about 75 percent of wedding dresses on their salon floor were strapless; these days it’s looking closer to 65-70 percent. And if the trend continues, maybe one day, brides could even see more of a 50/50 ratio.


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