Take a bite out of the “Breaking Dawn” wedding

Quite a few Twilight fans – at least 7.5 million to be more exact – flocked to theaters this weekend to see the much-anticipated “Breaking Dawn: Part 1.” Sure, most of us were curious to see how the most controversial book of Stephanie Meyer’s series would play out. Beyond that, though, most of us were really just there to get a glimpse of Edward and Bella’s wedding celebration. Our interest was, of course, fueled by Summit’s marketing (or lack thereof) of the occasion. The film production company kept details discreet by choosing not to release the first trailer until the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in June. Even then, photo stills came in well-calculated spurts; every picture of Bella in her gown was from the neck up. The only real detail we saw of the ceremony and the dress came from assuming but not-quite-accurate fan sketches.

Moviegoers were finally clued in opening night. There, we were treated to a dazzling “Midsummer Night’s Dream” ceremony – complete with wood pillars, hanging branches and flowers everywhere. Of course, the real showstopper was Bella’s dress (which people are still fawning over). But before we get to that can we please talk about how gorgeous the Cullens’ dresses were? The purple scheme was perfect for the garden retreat, and each dress was different enough to capture the ladies’ personalities. As usual, Alice had the potential to steal the scene (she looked like a gem in a shorter lilac number), but then Bella began her walk down the aisle. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really thought of Kristen Stewart as a Hollywood heartthrob, but she won a lot of hearts with that scene. Her hair and make-up were flawless, but most importantly, her dress was stunning. The Carolina Herrera creation fit Stewart like a glove, creating curves you’ve never even know were there. The front was very modern with an interesting linear concept, while the lace-meets-buttons back was strictly Victorian. It was perfect for Bella’s character – romantic but edgy enough to push the envelope.

While I can’t begin to mask my disdain for the rest of the film, I’ll be the first to admit I was swept away by every detail of the wedding. It was tasteful and elegant – a perfect representation of the couple, which is what every wedding should be.

-Denise Wright, Today’s Bride magazine

*All “Breaking Dawn” photos courtesy of Summit Entertainment; Carolina Herrera gown photo courtesy of Alfred Angelo

Were you a fan of the Cullen wedding? Did you have something different in mind for the couple? Share your thoughts below.

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