Hair 101: A Guide for Your Locks to Look Their Best

Today's Bride Magazine & Shows: Hairstyles 101

When it comes to hair styling for your wedding, the first piece of advice may be the best: “Don’t try this at home or by yourself.” Find an able or reputable hairstylist well in advance—if you don’t already have one—and get on his or her calendar weeks before the wedding.

Cutting your hair just a few days before the wedding is cutting it too close. The same is true for coloring and even for choosing a style. What looks good in a magazine, on Pinterest or on your favorite celebrity may look good on you, or it may not. Start early and try out a few styles in advance. The more comfortable you are with your choice, the more relaxed you will be, adding to your wedding day glow.

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It’s here! Meet the New


Well we are just tickled pink … It’s here! It’s finally here!

It’s hard to believe that our new website has been over a year in the making. But after a quick glance at our inboxes we confirmed that, yes, we have been working on the new since July 2013. (Woah!)

We are so, soooo proud to bring this new site to all of our brides and vendors. Before you hop on over to see it, we wanted to talk you through some of the new features you might notice.

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Recycling Your Alterations

Photo courtesy of Art Photography by Valerie.

Photo courtesy of Cavanaugh Photography.

You recently bought your wedding dress, yet it still needs to be altered. You just spent a lot of money on that gorgeous dress, and, understandably, you don’t want to throw away the pieces they cut off. So now you’re wondering, what exactly can I do with the extra pieces to my dress? We’ve found some interesting ideas to turn that piece of fabric into a wonderful keepsake.

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