Today’s Bride Favorite Bridesmaids’ Dresses

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The only task harder than picking your bridesmaids is none other than the process of picking out their attire! Bridesmaids’ dresses have an interesting rep – if you’re not a bridesmaid rookie, you’ve probably cringed while trying on a zebra-print neon nightmare or a cupcake styled tulle terror! The reason behind the stress that comes along with choosing your girls’ gowns is the fact that it’s a huge deal! You want your maids to look fabulous, feel comfortable, and accent (but not outshine) your own wedding dress. Before you choose your girlfriends’ get-up, check out the Today’s Bride staff’s favorite bridesmaids’ dress trends ever!


Dollars & Sense: The Top Ways to Save Money on Your Reception


Despite what you may have heard, it is possible to have a beautiful wedding and still live within your budget. And it all starts with the basics:

You found the site you’ve always imagined but can’t afford that perfect June wedding? Choosing the site of your dreams can still be within your budget if you are willing to be a bit flexible with your date.


13 Unique Escort Card Ideas


Escort cards have grown in popularity in recent years and have expanded beyond guests’ names being printed on a simple, white folded card. Today, couples are using escort cards as favors, edible treats and sentimental treasures.

Escort cards are also a great way to incorporate color, patterns or symbols that are meaningful to you and your fiance. If you are looking for a fun way to spice up your wedding, check out some of the more unique and popular trends couples are using to make their weddings memorable and choose one that fits your wedding style.


Escort cards 101

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Now that you’ve seen the beautiful couple say “I do” and shed a few tears, it’s now time to mingle with friends and show off those dance moves you only pull out during special occasions. As you approach the reception area, you are greeted by a table of escort cards inviting you to find that special one with your name and table number on it, which will guide you to your designated table for the evening.


New Twists on Old Wedding Traditions

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There’s something to be said for the symbolism of honoring wedding traditions. How incredible is it that your vows have been said by millions of couples around the world? On the other hand, even though it is important to be aware of traditions and how to use them properly, you shouldn’t be afraid to tweak a tradition to make it more truly yours. After all, Picasso himself once said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Steal some of these ideas, and your guests will see you for the artist you are.


Rules of Engagement

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Fun photo inspiration for a creative engagement shoot!

Why take engagement photos? (Besides just documenting what a good-looking couple you are?!)

First, it’s a great way for you and your fiance to get more comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll get out all of the jitters and learn more about how your photographer operates. From your photographer’s perspective, they’ll get a better idea of your comfort level and your best angles — resulting in better pictures on your wedding day.


8 Inspired Cake Toppers

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The best part of every wedding reception is exciting, colorful, and spontaneous (and we’re not talking about your father-in-law’s dance moves.) The best part is sweet and romantic (although it’s not the newlywed’s first dance, either.) It’s charming and endearing, but it’s not the Best Man’s speech. Give up?

The cake is undoubtedly the center of attention mid-reception! The cake is a collective masterpiece created by the bride and groom, a savvy baker and decorator. A moist, fluffy base encased in rich fondant and exquisite design, this piece of the wedding has grown increasingly popular and important. Each wedding cake is as unique as the couple who designed it.  Add to the originality of your own cake by choosing a unique cake topper! Browse our best cake topper picks and choose one that truly incorporates you and your spouse-to-be.


Spicing Up Reception Fare

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Chicken Marsala, vegetable medley, roasted halibut – just a few tried and true food options that are practically expected at every wedding reception. Instead of offering an overdone assortment, kick up your catered cuisine with these ten memorable food trends!

1. Build-Your-Own Bites

Giving guests the power to create their own snacks adds to the fun of any reception. Allow your guests to build their own hors d’ouevres with a breakfast parfait bar, a popcorn bar, an ice cream bar or a burger bar!


Tips for Creating Your Wedding Guest List

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When it comes to your wedding, few things are as important as figuring out your guest list. After all, the number of guests affects everything from your budget to your venue choice, so it’s important to have an approximate headcount early on.

Deciding who makes the cut can be very difficult, but we’re hoping that by using the tips below you’ll get the selection process down to a science.


What’s the order of activities during the reception?

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Which comes first, the bouquet toss or the cake-cutting?  Every couple does it differently, but having a plan as to how everything should be done during your reception helps keep the event running smoothly. Usually your wedding planner and/or DJ or emcee will help you plan out the order of reception activities that best fits your individualized needs, but here is a basic guideline to go by: