How to Complement (Not Clash!) Your Partner’s Wedding Day Ensemble

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One of the most important details of the big day is fashion. Whether you plan to match your significant other or wear completely different ensembles, the goal is always a collectively chic overall look. Check out our tips on how to highlight your wedding day duds so that you both steal the show!

Say “Yes” to the Silhouette

The first part of planning your wedding day style is deciding what type of garment you and your partner will wear. Do you both want to wear dresses or tuxedos? Do you want to wear one of each or opt for more casual threads? Once you’ve decided what style of clothing you’re going to rock, you can begin picking colors and personalizing the details!


Menswear Falls Into Mismatched Trend, Too!


One of the latest – and most stylish – wedding trends is a mismatched bridal party.  However, you don’t have to limit this unique and customizing look to just the girls.  Men can add some style to their look, too!

One simple and subtle, yet different way to let the guys have some fun is to let them wear all different and crazy socks. It adds a unique touch but doesn’t take away from the formality of your wedding party.


Engagement Etiquette


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Your boyfriend just proposed.  And now that you’ve had a few minutes to take it all in, your mind is spinning as you try to figure out what to do next.  Who do you tell? What do you do? What’s the typical way these things happen? Well, we have it all right here for you!

Who to Tell First

If you have children from a previous marriage/relationship, you should probably tell them first. Sometimes, it may work best to tell them without your fiancé so they can react honestly. Next, tell your family and closest friends, in person if possible.  Tell your parents (preferably in person); however, if they live too far away, a phone call (or Skype!) is your next best option. If your parents are divorced, it’s okay to tell them separately. Just make sure that you tell the second parent right after telling the first to avoid hurt feelings.  You don’t have to keep each conversation long or dramatic, something short and sweet is best. After you’ve told the most important people in your life, then you can change all your social media statuses. Remember to post thank you notes quickly to all the well-wishers.


Your Must-Have Honeymoon Packing List


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Chances are you’ve been stressing about the last-minute details of the wedding for weeks. And under all that pressure, your mind goes blank when it comes time to start packing for the honeymoon! Don’t worry, you’ll get it all under control and pack everything you need as long as you follow these tips and packing guide!


Including Late Loved Ones On The Big Day

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Your wedding day will forever be marked as one of the most important days of your life. It’s spent celebrating an everlasting love between you and your significant other, surrounded by your closest family and friends. Sadly, not every loved one will make it as a guest to your wedding. Though it can be a sensitive subject, you can incorporate passed loved ones into your wedding day as an ode to their love and life. With these suggestions on remembering your loved ones that cannot attend, your wedding day will be that much more special!


Modern Twists on “Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue”


As weddings become more modernized, one tradition that endures the test of time is the bride having something old, new, borrowed and blue… and a sixpence in her shoe on her wedding day. Traditionally, these items were presents from loved ones to bring good luck to the couple that the bride could wear on her wedding day – jewelry from her grandmother that was many generations old, her mother’s wedding dress or the handkerchief her mother carried on her wedding day. Even though carrying on this custom remains a necessity for many brides, couples today are creating new ways to integrate these good luck charms into the wedding day.


Paws In The Planning: The Best Ways to Incorporate Your Pooch

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Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly never owned a dog! A dog’s loyalty, love and the happiness they bring to their owner is all part of a special bond between bride and fur baby. For some, incorporating beloved pets in the nuptials is a top priority! Take a look at how some of our brides included their precious pups on the big day!


Capturing The Love: Pre-Engagement Shoot Planning Tips

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One of the best parts about getting engaged is announcing it! Your best friend just asked you to spend the rest of your lives together, you’re rocking a beautiful rock, family and friends are showering you with love – life is good! In fact, it’s so good that many brides choose to memorialize this chapter of their lives with an engagement shoot – whether they send the photos out via announcement or keep them in an intimate scrapbook! Check out our pre-engagement photo-shoot tips, guaranteed to make you look & feel your best!


7 Creative Ways to Capture Your Big Day


Newlyweds and photographers alike know the utter importance of photographing and capturing the many romantic moments of a couple’s wedding day. From the bride getting ready with her girls to the groomsmen striking a goofy pose, and all the decor shots in between, recording your ceremony and reception is a major priority!

With choosing a photographer comes the general process of viewing their style and discussing the must-have photos. However, while you’re focused on posing and cutting the cake, a lot of great moments go unseen!  With these creative ways to capture your big day, you’ll unveil some of the best candid shots and guest photos that will make your wedding album that much more special!


Today’s Bride Favorite Bridesmaids’ Dresses

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The only task harder than picking your bridesmaids is none other than the process of picking out their attire! Bridesmaids’ dresses have an interesting rep – if you’re not a bridesmaid rookie, you’ve probably cringed while trying on a zebra-print neon nightmare or a cupcake styled tulle terror! The reason behind the stress that comes along with choosing your girls’ gowns is the fact that it’s a huge deal! You want your maids to look fabulous, feel comfortable, and accent (but not outshine) your own wedding dress. Before you choose your girlfriends’ get-up, check out the Today’s Bride staff’s favorite bridesmaids’ dress trends ever!