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Inspiration for a Military Wedding

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and here at Today’s Bride, we are grateful to all of the service women and men who fight for our freedom and safety. From the bottom of our pink hearts, we thank you for your service! To honor the service women and men, we’ve compiled some inspiration for Military Themed Weddings.


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Quiz: Creating Your Guest List

Customarily, the engaged couple creates their guest list along with both sets of parents before combining and editing. But sometimes, your parents may want to invite people you don’t even remember meeting! What do you do when you want a small head count, but don’t know who to cut? We have just the solution.


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Romantic Flower Meanings

Just like hanging curtains in a house makes it feel like a home, adding flowers to your ceremony and reception sites turns a venue into a wedding. A lot of brides choose flowers that enhance their color scheme, decor aesthetic, or are trending– blush colored flowers compliment simple, pastel colors, sunflowers are popular at rustic weddings, and succulents are “in.” As you decide on your bouquet design, have you thought about the meaning behind your flower choices?


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Rethinking DIY

There’s no denying it– weddings are expensive, and we all love to save money (almost as much as we love to spend it). Ergo, many brides have been opting to have a DIY wedding rather than hiring professionals, not realizing that their choice will probably cost them more.


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Steps for a Successful Toast

Writing a toast is probably one of the hardest speeches to write; not only do you have to set up a structure, but you have to balance humor with emotion, make sure it covers the essentials but doesn’t run too long, and doesn’t bore the guests. On top of that, you then have to actually give the speech. As in, stand up in front of over 100 people and speak…from the heart. Shudder.


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How to Bond With Your Mother-in-Law

We’ve all seen the movies that portray your mother-in-law as an evil figure who refuses to be replaced. It’s you vs. her, right? But just like in the movies, it’s probably just a misunderstanding. You can have a happy ending, too! Read on to get some tips on how to establish a bond with your Mother-in-Law along with some events you can take advantage of this Mother’s Day.