October Wedding Show Gallery

It was easy for Northeast Ohio brides to “Fall” in love with wedding planning this past Sunday at our Today’s Bride October Show! With over 80 vendors, 3 fashion shows, 5 grand prizes, and dozens of dresses to try on at our pop-up bridal salon, engaged couples could plan their entire wedding under one roof – and they definitely took advantage of it! Check out some of our favorite photos showcasing the stylish fashions, incredibly detailed cake, flower, invitation, and table displays, and be sure not to miss our next show!


Wedding Favors | Spencer Photography | As Seen on TodaysBride.com

In Good Favor

You’ve always been told that giving feels just as good as receiving. And since you’ve received so much since you announced your engagement, favors are the perfect way to show your appreciation toward the guests who will share your special day.


Wedding Day Nerves | Justin Ketchem Photography | As Seen on TodaysBride.com

Battling Wedding Day Jitters

We all get a little anxious when presented with a big event; speaking in front of a large group, making a big decision, or planning and executing an amazing event, for example. And your wedding day is a combination of all of these nerve-wracking experiences plus more! Fortunately for you, we have a few words of wisdom to help ease your nerves and amp up the excitement!


Wedding Day Schedule | Cirino Photography | As Seen on TodaysBride.com

Wedding Day Schedule

How much time do you need for your hair and makeup? Do family and wedding party pictures really take that long to capture? How much time do the guys need to get ready? If you haven’t thought of these questions yet, trust us, you will! And we’ll be here to answer them for you.


Dry Wedding | Anna K Photography | As Seen on TodaysBride.com

Dry Weddings

Whether you and your fiance don’t care much for alcohol, you’re respecting your parents’ opinions, or you just want to save some money, having a dry wedding is a completely acceptable option that’s becoming increasingly popular at wedding receptions.