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Create a Lasting Bond with your Mother-in-Law

We’ve all seen the movies that portray your mother-in-law as an evil figure who refuses to be replaced. It’s you vs. her, right? But just like in the movies, it’s probably just a misunderstanding. You can have a happy ending, too! Read on to get some tips on how to establish a bond with your Mother-in-Law along with some events you can take advantage of this Mother’s Day.


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Honeymoon Hotspots Close to Home

You just spent most of your savings on creating the celebration of a lifetime, and now you’re looking for cheap ways to relax. Hawai’i, Baja, and Fiji all sound fantastic, but they’re just not realistic after spending thousands on your wedding. Honeymooning closer to home will balance your need to get away with your budget.


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Inspiration: Bridal Shower Brunch

Between bridal showers, engagement parties, bridesmaids’ get-togethers, and spur of the moment celebrations, it’s hard to find a creative way to announce– again– that you’re getting married. The latest trend in creating a comfortable, casual atmosphere for your bridal shower is by inviting your closest friends and family to a brunch.